Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hanna Came Home With Us

We pulled out of the rental office's parking lot just before 2pm yesterday afternoon. The first bands of Hanna's rain had started around noon and boy was it raining. Jason, my dad, and my FIL were drenched from packing up the cars. Thank goodness my dad and Jason had thought ahead and packed the roof top carriers earlier so that they wouldn't have to contend with rain while packing it. So with a heavy heart, we left the Outer Banks almost 24 hours earlier than expected.

That morning, I enjoyed the last few rays of sunshine sitting on the deck clipping the kids' fingernails (oh my, they were long) and just enjoying the salty breeze. It started clouding up so we took the kids to buy some souvenirs which was a perfect time because it wasn't raining and all the stores were 50% off thanks to it being the end of season. Until that morning though, you couldn't have convinced me summer was coming to an end since the days leading up to it had been REALLY hot. The kids got some cute sweatshirts and funny little souvenirs that only a child would pick out and I got myself a really cute brown long sleeved OBX t-shirt. We even took advantage of the sale and bought a really nice beach umbrella for next year.

So we got back to the house, ate lunch and got ready to go. The rain literally followed us home but thankfully it wasn't the hard down pour that we started out with on the barrier islands. I think we were racing with the outer most band of the rain. Our parents talked to our siblings en route and they assured us it was still sunny in Baltimore. Apparently the rain started here around 8:30pm - we arrived in Baltimore around 9:30pm. And today? Well, torrential rain. 2-4 inches is expected. Yuck. Kind of matches all of our moods.

The kids had a decent first two thirds of the trip but the last 2 1/2 hours were rough. Piper was clearly tired of the carseat and screamed a lot if her pacifier wasn't being held there for her. Bryce had a tantrum and hated everything. But Caroline continued to be my happy traveler. I think a lot of it had to do with me giving her the first piece of gum she's ever had. (She was overjoyed when I offered it to her and hilarious how I had to coach her through it. She chewed it for FIVE hours!)

When we got home, because of the rooftop carrier, we couldn't pull into the garage so we had to hurry the kids into the house in the rain. Bryce proceeded to throw another tantrum in front of the door as we tried to unload. Sweet. Finally, around 11ish, we got the big kids in bed. Piper wouldn't relent and go to sleep until 1am. Nice, for tired parents. And sure enough, Bryce was up at 7am. Thankfully Jason got up with him and let me sleep.

So today it's laundry, unpacking, and entertaining kids. They are tired and I'm trying to get Bryce to take a nap. Coming home from a nice vacation always sucks, but coming home a day early and having yucky weather makes it ultra gloomy. I hear the sun is coming out tomorrow. Hopefully that will help us all!


Dawn said...

Welcome home! Sorry you had to cut it short and come home to such lousy weather, but I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves!

BJ said...

Glad to hear you got home safely, even if it was to nasty weather.