Monday, September 29, 2008

Goodbye Long Evenings, Hello Easier Bedtimes

As a parent of young children, I have to say that the long evenings of late spring and summer are something that I do not like. Pre-kids, I LOVED long summer evenings when the sun didn't set until way after 8pm and the day just stretched out forever. But now, with kids, I hate it. It makes it almost impossible to get them into bed on time and that means less downtime for Jay and I.

But now it's almost October which means it is VERY dark by 7:45pm which means the kids think it's late. While they're not always asleep right away, at least they are in bed before 8pm now rather than pushing 8:30 like they were in July. Tonight, it was so nice at 7:45 to hear Jason reading Bryce a story while I put Piper to bed knowing that MY time was almost here.

And while I don't like the dark mornings (HATE THEM), I'll take this as a trade off. I know I'll go back to loving those long evenings again one day, but for now, I'll take the best of what fall has to offer and that's an earlier sunset!


Lisa :) said...

Isn't funny how certain little things gget us so excited. Boy, I remember those days! In a few years (maybe more than a few) you will be telling your kids goodnight and they will be excited that you are finally going to bed and they are going to have "their" evening time. Although, my kids get up so early in the AM for school they usually are beating feet up the steps between 8-9pm. Enjoy your new schedule and your evening time with your hubby :)

Viv said...

I should just copy your blog post and put it in my blog! I feel the EXACT same way! I have never been so excited for early dark evenings until now! Love them!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, this is another reason fall is my favorite season. We've been consistently hitting the 7pm bedtime. IT is awesome. So much free time for mommy!!!!!