Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Defiant Teenager

Caroline has turned into some kind of defiant teenager lately, the only thing she's missing is acne and body odor. She's got attitude and defiance down to an art.

Last night, I took all 3 kids on a walk. Caroline (Miss Gultch) decided to ride her tricycle while I had Piper in the Ergo and Bryce was walking along side me. For the first 2/3 of the walk, she would go ahead and then wait when I told her to wait. But when we got on the road to go home, she would NOT stop. I kept calling to her to freeze and she kept looking back at us and never stopping those legs from pedaling. I was seething. And of course, I had a baby strapped to the front of me and I was dragging Bryce along by the hand to try and hurry him up. I knew if I walked ahead of him he'd slow down more and probably trip and fall because that is what he always does on our walks. And because this street we were on curves around, I couldn't see Caroline anymore because the curve and cars were blocking my view. My only hope was that she'd wait at the corner where we had to cross the street to get to our house. (And probably the most dangerous place to cross the street in my neighborhood b/c of the blindspot caused by cars.)

Nope. Just as I came around the curve practically dragging Bryce behind me and walking as fast as I could, I saw Caroline arrive (safely) on the opposite corner of the street. I could NOT believe it. As I was getting up to the corner, two women were out walking and I loudly said to Bryce, "Caroline is in BIG trouble for crossing the street by herself!" hoping they would realize I would never just let my 4 year old ride her bike across the street by herself.

Finally, Bryce, Piper and I got home and Caroline was on her bike talking to Jason in the driveway. Jason had asked her where I was and she said that mommy wasn't mad that she had gone ahead. Um, L.I.E. I told Jason to make her go inside and for a time out and she was losing her bike for 2 weeks and then I filled him in. He was pretty ticked too.

It's just blatant NOT following directions and defying us. When I went inside because she got off the time out step, I told her to sit down and she says, "I'm not in time out!" You can bet her little butt was put right back on the step and when she argued with me about which step to sit on, I made it clear which step I expected her to stay on. And the look she gave me? Well, it's a look I hadn't hoped to see for about 9 more years.

And couple this with her know it all attitude and her all of a sudden intense interest in Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers and you've got a teenager in the making, complete with angst. I'm serious, the kid sat and listened to my MP3 player in the car this weekend for 3 hours listening to the same 4 songs over and over.

When did she grow up without me noticing it? If she's a teenager at 4, what will she be like at 7???


BJ said...

Erika, I feel your pain because your post was like reading about Sydney!

Mama said...

OH NO! Is that what's ahead for me??? Take good notes, I'll need your advice!

Lisa :) said...

I have to laugh. Not because it is funny. But, it is funny! It all goes down hill from here! I laugh at BJ because I can see Syd doing what you were talking about Caroline doing. They really like to press their luck! Good Luck!