Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 Kids? That's Easy!

Since my mom kept Piper and Bryce today and I knew she was missing Caroline, I asked her if she would want to have Caroline come and spend the evening with her. She thought that was a great idea and Caroline was thrilled for alone time with Bertie and Pop Pop. So I returned home at 5pm to Jason and only 2 kids.

Wow. How did only having 2 kids get so easy? I mean, a year ago it seemed like a real handful. But tonight, until Miss C returned, we each had a kid and it was so peaceful. I think Bryce liked it because he could talk our ears off and no one would tell him he was saying things incorrectly or interupt him. And he got lots of daddy time. Of course, Piper doesn't have much say in things, but I think she liked being held for a longer period of time without being put in a swing or bouncy seat until the commotion died down.

And Caroline? Well, she had a ball in those 3 hours. I know she didn't want to come home but she'll get a lot of Bertie and Pop Pop this weekend. But when she did arrive, we snuggled up in her bed, read her High-Five magazine and everyone went to sleep without consequence. So all in all, a good night.

It's just so weird to realize how "easy" it was balancing 2 kids with 2 adults - it's just that when you're in the thick of it, it is hard! Not that we'll be adding a 4th to the mix to make 3 seem easy. I don't need that kind of relativity.

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Dawn said...

Couldn't agree more! It's like you don't even realize how easy you had it with a 1:1 parent/child ration until #3 comes along. I don't mind grocery shopping, etc. AT ALL anymore with 2 -- it's a piece of cake compared to trying to manage three of them, LOL.