Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Will this be all it takes?

Bryce will be 3 in just over two weeks and potty training is not something we've focused on.

1. He's not seeming to be ready. And we learned our lesson with Caroline by trying to train her before she was ready.

2. With the new baby coming, we didn't want to get him trained only to have him completley revert.

But on Monday, I bought him a box of Cars Pull Ups to see what would happen. Well, we put them on this morning and he came into me and was acting funny, pulling at his shorts. I asked him if he had to pee and he said yes, so we hurried to the bathroom and VOILA! Pee in the potty! I was so darn proud! So maybe the Lightning McQueen Pull Ups will be the trick to quick and easy PTing? (And waiting longer than we did with Caroline.)

Or not. I'm not getting too excited. But a mom can be hopeful, right? Maybe it just won't be as torturous.

ETA: He peed in the formerly dry pull up a little while later and then again in the new one. Oh well... Why does pee in a pull up stink so much worse than pee in a diaper?

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