Saturday, August 09, 2008

Where does the time go?

Holy heck, how did it get to be Saturday, August 9? I guess when your days are busy taking care of a baby (and nursing a lot!), doing a little work online, doing some housework, and maybe sneaking a nap in (big maybe these days) your days go fast. And then the evenings? Well, evenings are always busy at our house and now even more so. Adding a newborn to the mix - a newborn that is cranky quite often in the evenings - has certainly cut down on my online time. In fact, as I sit here typing this, I hear Jason gently telling Piper to stop fussing. She was just passed out in the swing, but just doesn't seem to want to settle down tonight even though she's nursed like crazy the past 2 hours.

So here are some bullets from the past few days (weeks?) to share and there's no rhyme or reason to the order and certainly not to their pertainence:
  • Piper seems to have a receeding hairline. I noticed that the hair on the crown of her head seems all long and fluffy now, but right on top is very short and thin. I think she's losing her newborn hair already.
  • Caroline is so ready to start her new preschool program! I took her to buy a new lunchbox/bag the other day and I think I was as excited as she was. And as expected, she picked the one I knew she would. The Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, of course! She can't wait to use it. I can't believe I'll be starting to pack lunches. My parents mostly packed mine for all my years of school although I didn't take a lunch everyday in high school. So what, I have 18 more years of packing lunches ahead of me?
  • Bryce is very into soccer all of a sudden. He has a mini-soccer ball that he likes to bring out and perform with. He'll say, "I'm gonna play soccer!" And then start doing all this fancy footwork where he kind of dances around and then usually trips over the ball at some point. Not sure when we'll get him into some organized soccer program.
  • Piper stopped pooping at night for the most part, so it's cutting down on her awake time during a feeding. Still not completely a wake, feed, back to sleep routine yet because sometimes she has trouble settling down, but it's getting better.
  • Last night, my mom instructed us to drop all 3 kids off and for Jay and I to go out. So we did. Sushi, book store, and a Starbucks later, we arrived back at my mom's feeling a little more refreshed than we did when we left. Thanks mom and dad!
  • Bryce and Caroline are excited about the Olympics and already know all about Michael Phelps and Katie Hoff, Baltimore's famous swimmers. Of course, Bryce still says "wimming" instead of "swimming." I think it's kind of cute.
  • Speaking of the Olympics, was anyone watching the athlete entrance during the opening ceremonies last night and were you as annoyed as I was by those "cheerleaders" standing all around the infield? They were all wearing those dumb looking white dresses and go go boots and doing the lamest little dances and excited movies as the athletes entered. They did it for 3 hours they said, so I guess it was acting. But I just thought it was annoying.
  • Caroline has another "tween" interest - the Jonas Brothers and some show on Nickelodeon called Drake and Josh. They are supposed "teen" shows, but after watching them I can tell you no teen would be caught watching a show that makes Full House look edgy. She laughs hysterically at the jokes, I know she doesn't get. But I think she knows it's a show for kids a little older than her (my DCP's kids watch them) so she goes along with the laugh track.
  • Bryce has been wandering into our room a lot lately in the middle of the night. The other day, I found him at 4am saying, "Mommy, I'm scared." Somehow, he came into our room and closed our door behind him. I think he got lost. Fortunately, he goes right back to bed.
  • Now Caroline, well, she's taking advantage of the fact that we leave the master bathroom dim light on with the door cracked so that I have some light to see Piper in her co-sleeper. She'll bypass her bathroom for ours for a middle of the night pit stop - and she always leaves her calling card of an unflushed toilet.
  • But the other night, she didn't come to use the bathroom, she came into tell us she was thinking about her current fear of the week - a bear eating a goat. A few weeks ago, Jason was flipping channels and stopped it on some nature show that showed a goat that had been ripped up by a grizzly bear. I guess it stuck with Caroline because she talks about it often and needs reassurance that the bear or the old rotting goat body won't come into our house. No more National Geographic or Animal Planet for her for a while...
  • I'm starting to stock up on goodies for our beach car ride in a few weeks. A DVD, some books, lap desks, new crayons, etc.... I even got this cool book of activities/games to play with kids when you are out and about. Unfortunately, there are no games to play with a less than 2 month old. She's going to be the hard one to entertain. On Friday, I took her to have the 2nd round of metabolic disorder screenings done where they have to prick her heel. Why was I worried about that? I should have been worried about the drive to and from? She screamed harder and longer for the car ride than she did when they were squeezing blood out of her foot. The staff felt bad and I told them not to - she was more ticked about the car ride.

That's all I can think about right now. Random musings from a sleep deprived mother of 3. It's 11pm and I really should be getting Piper to bed. But it's Saturday and I just feel weird going to bed earlier on a Saturday. I'll pay for this you know.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I was laughing my head off during opening ceremonies b/c those poor cheerleaders looked like Fem-bots on something b/c they kept on cheering and clapping for like 2 hours or something.

My brother was making jokes the whole entire time about how they were training their whole entire lives to be Olympic cheerleaders and that if they stopped dancing a communist sniper would take them out (and their entire family) and one of the 2 million alternate cheerleaders who have been born, raised, and trained by the Chinese government to be cheerleaders would immediately take their place.

I have the whole thing on tivo. Whenever I need a laugh, I will turn on those go-go boot wearing cheerleaders and laugh.


Erika said...

Probably not a bad guess - you've gotta wonder about how they were picked and threatened. I read that some of the 16,000 performers were subjected to 48 hour rehearsals to prepare for it. Talk about inhumane!

H. said...

Your Mom is so awesome to know you guys might need a little time together! She's the best!

P.S. The cheerleaders were a bit weird!