Friday, August 22, 2008

Typical Baby

In retrospect, I can now say that Caroline was my easy baby, Bryce was my kind of difficult baby and now, Piper, is my typical baby. (I wouldn't classify Bryce as a difficult/colicky baby since he did not have true colic, but just was pretty feisty and difficult a lot of the time.)

I'm a bit of a slave to the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and have always read it religiously with each baby. By reading it, I can see that Caroline was easy in that she never really had fussy times (she was fussy sometimes, I know, but not regularly) and she was sleeping through the night fairly consistently around 2 months old and would go to sleep on her own. Bryce was almost 8 months before sleeping through the night - oy! Now Piper, that baby is 100% by the book. The book says that fussiness (usually in the evenings) will peak around 6 weeks leading up to the longest chunk of time that the baby sleeps. Well folks, that is what Piper is doing. She's gotten progressively more fussy in the evenings as we approach the 6 week mark and it's always right before bed where she'll sleep 5-6 hours for her first clip of the night. And it's coincided with social smiles as the book says.

Then the other day, I notice my poor baby is getting her first case of baby acne. So I look that up and read that baby acne is most common around the time that a baby becomes the fussiest. Um, right now! These poor babies - fussy and a bad complexion - although I wouldn't say Piper is the spokesperson for the before photos for Proactive Solution yet.

So I'm hoping that since she's so "typical" on the fussiness and such, that by 12 weeks, as the book suggests, she'll be completely out of this stage, starting to sleep through the night, and be a happy baby most of the time. Not that I want to rush these early weeks, I just want my quiet evenings back where Jason and I aren't passing her back and forth praying for a few minutes of quiet so we can actually hear the TV.

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jason said...

I vote for speeding up to 12 weeks after last night's performance.