Friday, August 01, 2008

Three Cheers for Panties!

Only a little girl would get excited at the prospect of new underwear. Last week, my mom bought Caroline a new pack of Hanes Her Way little girl briefs (I'm not ready for her to wear bikini style yet!) and she was very excited to get them. I explained to her that we needed to wash them first before she could wear them, so we put them in the hamper for the next round of laundry.

Well, I did her laundry on Wednesday and finally got it put away on Thursday and she was THRILLED to see all of her new underwear. None of them have any characters on them, just different colors and patterns, but she was very excited. Of course, picking out her underwear each night after her bath is exciting. She always picks out 2 pair and then goes to find either Jason or me and has us guess which one she's going to wear.

What's funny to me too, is that I've always hated the word "panties" for some reason - just hated it! But for some reason, Jason and I have used that word with her as soon as we started talking about being a big girl and wearing "big girl panties" and it's just stuck. I would NEVER use that word for my own clothing, but I now think it's pretty darn cute to use for Caroline's adorable little undergarments. I mean, how cute are little flowered or princess underwear? Let alone how cute her little bum looks in them. And as she's outgrowing her 2T/3T panties, guess who has already been promised her much loved Curious George panties?


Amanda said...

Little girl panties are a big thing in our house right now too.

Hannah is very proud of her princess panties.

I if I could only get Gracie into it. Oh the money I would save!!!

Viv said...

I wish I could get Makenzie out of diapers! I cringe everytime I have to buy her diapers - the cost is crazy and keeps going up! Maybe Victoria will potty time at the same time as Makenzie so I can save big time (wishful thinking I know!)