Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sleep Debt

I'm tired. I think my sleep habits are catching up with me. It's not that newborn only sleeping 1-2 hours at at time tired, it's that long term sleep deprivation kind. See, Piper sleeps pretty well for a baby in that she'll sleep for 5-6 hours during her first stretch of the night. But the problem is lately, she WON'T go to sleep until after 11pm. I want to go to bed around 10pm. So if she goes to sleep at 11pm or midnight (gah!), she wakes around 5am-ish and then I feed her and then barely drift back off and then Jason and the kids are up. So I'm going on about 6 hours a night, if that.

This morning, my mom came over to help me and gave me a break and had me go out and get a pedicure. THANKS! So I the woman doing my pedi finished, I stepped out of the chair and basically tripped and messed up 2 of the toenails. She fixed them and then I went back to get a brow wax. Again, as I'm walking out to sit and let my toes dry, I tripped again and messed one on the other foot up. She fixed it again. I'm sure she was thrilled. But while I know I'm clutzy, I know that the reason I tripped was b/c I'm so tired.

So now, Bryce is napping (with his hand elevated) and I'm going to try and doze with Piper. Although daytime napping often eludes me.

Piper better get with the 10pm (or earlier) bedtime soon because this is sooooooooooo not going to work when I start going back to work in a few weeks.

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Viv said...

Oh I don't miss thoses days at all! Hang in there it'll get better!

So e-mail me with where you get your pedi (and brows) I'm looking for a good place (cheap even)