Sunday, August 03, 2008

Screaming Newborn at 65mph

We spent the day yesterday at my grandmother's in western Maryland to celebrate my cousin's wedding shower - she's getting married at the end of September. It was Piper's first longer trip in the car and the first time my extended family would get to meet her. We pulled out of the gas station around noon and hoped to be there by 1:30. Well, we didn't pull into her driveway until almost 2:30pm due to some terribly sluggish traffic on I-70. Yuck. I was starting to think we'd never get there. The kids watched a DVD and a half, Caroline napped, Bryce talked (and talked and talked), asked LOTS of questions, and Piper had a meltdown at the end. So I was very happy to have arrived.

The kids had free reign of the place and totally enjoyed themselves while the grownups entertained them and relaxed. The shower was really nice and it was so good to hang out with my cousins and sister again since we only get to see each other a few times a year. Almost all the adults took turns playing a game of Cornhole/Corn Toss that my aunt and uncle from Kentucky are getting everyone interested in (kind of like a safer version of horseshoes). Some people at steamed crabs, we all ate delicious corn on the cob, and delighted in homemade ice cream. We realized at almost 8pm, that the kids were FILTHY and so we gave them a bath and pulled out of the driveway just before 9pm. Piper started to fuss immediately. I had just fed her, so she wasn't hungry - she just didn't want to be in the seat. And she continued to let us know she didn't want to be in that seat for over an hour. Crying. Crying. More crying. And Piper has NO interest in pacifiers. None. Somehow, the big kids fell asleep watching a movie and having Piper's protest in the background. Jason drove on and listened to the radio in the front while I sat next to her and begged the powers that be to let her fall asleep from exhaustion. That finally happened an hour later. But it lasted less than a half hour and she awoke 10 minutes from home and cried the rest of trip.

Jason got her into the house and out of the seat - she was so sweaty - while I got the big kids into the house. Caroline walked in and I carried Bryce - neither put up any fight and fell right back to sleep and slept until 8am this morning. Piper gorged herself and tried to keep eating until about 11:30 when we swaddled her up and she passed out around midnight and slept till 4am. Thankfully she ate and went back to sleep until 7:30 am, but I'm still not feeling very rested.

Bryce is now upstairs and we're hoping he'll take a nap because he can't go 5 minutes without a melt down - clearly he's not well rested either. Here's hoping a few hours of extra sleep will catch him up and we won't be left with Brycey the Grouch for the rest of our Sunday.

ETA: Bryce isn't eating crabs in that photo - no shellfish for him yet - not that he'd even be interested. He just liked playing with the mallets.


Viv said...

Pretty funny since I read corhhole I can't get Beavis & ButtHead out of my mind! LOL!

Viv said...

I meant to type - cornhole not corhhole!

Erin said...

OMG, my blood pressure skyrocketed just reading that post. Traveling with a screaming baby stresses me out so much! (though only when it's MY screaming baby) I always feel so sorry them, and there is just nothing you can do.

As I read this, I could practically hear newborn baby cries in my head. ;)

Glad you made it home finally (and safely) and hope you all get some much-needed rest! :)