Monday, August 25, 2008

Other Things From the Day

I forgot to say how Bryce broke his arm. Basically, he was trying to go up steps with a big toy in his hand - something he always tries to do (and often succeeds in doing) at home. He only fell down 3 steps and they were carpeted steps with carpet at the bottom but his arm was behind him and you can see from the x-ray how it just bent his arm in a place not meant to be bent. My daycare provider is beside herself with guilt, but we're not blaming her. He was the only kid there today and my kids have been with her for 3 1/2 years - we completely trust her and know this was a fluke. Bryce has always been our more accident prone kid - he's had his share of bad boo boos on his face along with the ER trip in April where he needed butterfly stitches. It's something he could have just as easily done at home, in fact, it makes me think of all the potential bone breaking things that boy does. How'd we manage to make it to 3 without one?

He's upstairs resting but not asleep yet. He's so tired and didn't have a nap today and now he's on some meds that are supposed to help with the pain and will likely knock him out. He's had a few really tear jerking crying jags where he'll lament about something real or imagined. It's really pitiful. And seeing him laying there in that big bed with his arm propped up just makes a mother want to weep.

While we were at the hospital today, Piper was a bit aggitated. I think from all the commotion, the blaring lights, the noise, etc, she was very cranky. And of course, the only person that could calm her down was me - very stressful at a time like this. We joked that since it was EXACTLY 6 weeks since she was born she thought we were taking her back to the hospital and that was why she was so upset. (I cannot believe 6 weeks ago I was laying there in labor and today I was there having Bryce's arm put in a cast.)

And then when I went with Bryce to have his first set of x-rays (pre-cast), the tech had to ask me if there was any potential I was pregnant. Nope! I have a 6 week old to prove that I'm not!

Caroline had a bit of a shock when Jason filled her in on Bryce's injury. She went along with Jason to pick up Bryce's Rx and they picked him up some M&M's and Dum Dums. She was very sweet to him this evening and has been showing off her helpful big sister skills.

So all in a day's work of a mother of 3, right? This reminds me and my mother of the week in the summer of 1980 when I (at 3) had to have 8 stitches in my chin, my sister (almost 2) had Bells Palsy, and my baby brother had double OOZING ear infections. I don't think I had it that bad...


BJ said...

Wow, sounds like you have passed your official test as a parent of three. Unfortunately, probably the first of many:>

Viv said...

You better knock on wood!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor bryce. I feel bad for Cathy too. Things like that happen though. Kids fall in funny ways. I broke my arm when I was 4 years old. I fell off a tree branch that was like 2 feet off of the ground. Stuff like that happens. I'm just glad no surgery was needed. I can totally feel your mommy pain though. Watching your baby suffer is terrible. Hugs. Hugs. Hugs.


Heather said...

Poor little sweetie!! That is seriously heartbreak city.

H. said...

Oh Erika! I hope its all sunshine from here on out!