Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Day as a 2 Year Old

I took Bryce to his followup at the orthopedic doctor's office and he was a gem. Our appointment was at 3:45 and we were in the van at 4:30 pulling out! And they told me that was a "long" wait. Man, they have no clue what other offices are like. Anyway, they did another quick set of x-rays and all is on the mend with Mr. Bryce's arm. In fact, the doctor says we won't need to do a 2nd cast and that we just need to come back in 3 weeks for it to be removed. Woohoo!

He said because little kids heal so quickly that it will likely be healed in 10 days but we'll leave it on for a little longer to be sure, which I'm fine with. Although I know I'll be quite nervous about his tender arm for a few weeks afterward. But if you had seen the way he's running around here now you'd be as worried as I am that he's going to do some serious damage to another part of his body. I'm realizing now what an accident waiting to happen most kids are and that Bryce exceeds even that! He loves to roll head first off the couch. He loves to do headstands and he loves just throwing himself down and pretending he fell. He loves to chug around and run as fast as he can and then land on his knees. He's just 100% boy and all we can do is remind him of safe things to do and sit back and watch. Sometimes with our hands over our eyes. I will probably have more gray hair from his antics than Caroline and Piper's combined. I've already said that if I start going deaf in my older years it's because Bryce screamed in my ears so much as a baby (although Piper is giving him a run for his money lately), but I will be able to attribute some of my gray hair to him.

But he's worth a head full of gray hair.

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jason said...

I want to get him a shirt that says 'Haulin' Ass!'