Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Invent This: Sibling Forcefields

Here's my idea you space aged designers! Please invent something that will keep two irritated siblings at least 5 feet apart without the parent having to constantly pry them apart or tell them to leave each other alone. It could be a wrist transmitter that would keep both kids apart from one another when they can't seem to get along. If they ran at one another, they'd just bounce off and wouldn't be able to do any damage. (Of course parents would be immune to the force field and could get as close as needed.

Ideally, this force field would also filter out any mean talk that irritates the other one, kind of like white noise. It would also emit a high pitched noise to the child if they whined too much to keep the parent a little more sane.

So there's my idea - INVENT IT! You will make millions of dollars.


Viv said...

I need this!!!! To keep Makenzie off of Victoria! Kenzie was good when Toria was a baby but now that Tori is walking/running Kenz can't keep off her! GRRRRR!

BJ said...

I love it!!!

Rachael said...

For students at my school (well former school..I just switched jobs) we have something called "5 foot and verbal". That is, these students are restricted from being within 5 feet of each other and from verbal interactions. The consequence is internal suspension. Don't think that will work! But, I often pull the, "I need you to run a very important errand for me" (e.g., deliver empty envelope to my co-workers, water plants, etc.) with students who are annoying me or annoying others :-)