Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If it wasn't $310, I'd buy it!

I just love motherhood jewelry! Jason gave me this a few years ago (2 kids and a parent):

And then this year for Christmas in anticipation of our 3rd child, he gave me this (3 kids, 2 parents):

It totally made me cry since not only did it have all 3 kids on it, but this one included a 2nd parent - him. I just loved it but wouldn't wear it until Piper was here, safe and sound. I was so proud to wear it the day I came home from the hospital and I love showing it to people.

And while I still love that one and will always wear it, I am now just LOVING these necklaces:

Problem is, it's not cheap. Granted, it's not gold, but for all 3 kids (with their names on one side and birthdate on the back) and their birthstone, it would be like $310 - so a semi-serious piece of jewelry. Whew. Not something to just buy on a whim. So for now, I've got it on a list of things I'd love to have but I wanted to share them all with you since so many of my readers are moms and you might be interested too.


Viv said...

You should check out that where I got my charms from. My cheaper but still nice!

Heather said...

Erika, my mom's friend got me something similar that isn't expensive at all. I'll find out where she got it. She lives in Portland, OR, but I know that the woman who made it has a website.

Heather said...

Here's the website:

Viv said...