Sunday, August 17, 2008

Get Your Motor Runnin'

Check out Bryce on his Harley! (This better be the ONLY "motorcycle" I ever see him on!) We decided to get him his 3rd birthday present a little bit early since we'll be leaving for the beach soon after and the kids have been spending a lot of time riding bikes on the deck lately. So on Friday evening we headed out to TRU (and saw that silly dog on a motorcycle) and picked it out. Jason and I already had this one in mind since it had good reviews online but as soon as we arrived, Bryce pointed out the same exact one that Caroline already has. And while we like that one (a Radio Flyer push/pedal trike) we wanted him to have his own so we convinced him the Harley one was cooler than the Thomas one. I also picked up a little bell for the handle bars because Caroline's has a bell and you know they both need a bell! (And I know, a Harley with a bell probably isn't that cool...)

We got home and they went to work on assembling it. In no time, it was out on the deck and Caroline was already figuring out how to get Bryce to let her ride it. Bryce isn't quite pedaling yet, but he's working on it. He'll get it when the time is right, just like Caroline did this summer. (And now the tune from the Wizard of Oz comes to mind when we see her pedaling around the deck like Ms. Gultch.) And luckily for Caroline, Bryce ended up spending most of the day on Saturday with my mom, so she had plenty of time to get her time on it and not have to fight with Bryce over it.

Now to start thinking about 2 wheelers for my soon to be 5 year old because I know she's going to want one sooner than I'm ready!

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