Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 1 - Fun fun fun!

When Jason arrived to pick up Caroline from school yesterday, she didn't even stop playing, she kept right on enjoying play doh with the other kids. Something I'm taking as a sign that it was a good day. Then when they were riding in the car, she told him it was a "fun fun fun" day! Although when she got home and saw me, she admitted to crying for me at naptime but Ms. Shirley told Jason that she'd laid quietly even though she didn't sleep - but she knows it just takes some time. (And I'm not surprised given that it was a new place, new routine, and all new people! She'll get there.) And she had no problems going again this morning, so I'd say we're on the right track to getting used to a new place. Although I'll admit to being a little sad at another life change. I didn't realize how comfortable we were in our old routine and my fear/anxiety about another change. Of course now I'm thinking about dropping all 3 kids off in the morning - 2 in one place and 1 in another. And I'm thinking about all the baby stuff added to the mix. At least we get to transition into this slowly and take it one day at a time rather than having to go full force if I wasn't on maternity leave.

Bryce is home with me today since it seemed silly to have my IL's come down just for him when I can manage him and Piper okay. Although Bryce is a bit silly today and has been talking NON STOP. Gah. He's already eaten a bunch of strawberries, 2 pieces of watermelon and enough hummus and pretzels to sustain him for a week. Now we're going to go up and play Wiggles songs (in preparation for the concert they are going to tonight w/ my parents) and he's going to let me take a shower. I don't think he'll need lunch at noon today after that "snack."

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Erin said...

Okay, so not at all related to your post, but I had to share. Ben was looking at your blog over my shoulder.

"Who is that little girl? Is that Carly? (his friend from preschool who has blonde hair like C's)

"No, that another little girl who is your age. Her name is Caroline."

"Oh! Does she live near us? Can we have her over to play?"


He likes the little blondes, what can I say? ;)
I hope they run into each other one day at Dr. S's office!