Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bryce's Famous Imaginary Friends

This afternoon, in addition to running laps around the inside of the house, Bryce has been talking to his new imaginary friends. He sat down on the couch to "take a break" from the running and said, "Mom, Michael Phelps and Katie Hoff are sitting next to me."

Then he found his play phone and pretended to talk to "Bob." I wasn't sure who "Bob" was and then I realized that Bob Bowman is Michael Phelps' coach who has been in all the interviews with him lately. Bryce said he was talking to Bob because Bob was very far away - um yeah, China!

Can you tell we've watched a LOT of swimming in the past week? The kids can't see a paper or magazine without seeing Phelps' picture and getting excited. Of course, then, they usually ask where Katie Hoff is too. And then this morning, Bryce was playing with the radio in the playroom and I could tell he had it tuned to AM talk. Well, I hear him say, "MOM! It's Michael Phelps!" I went in and listened and while it was not Michael Phelps, it was a talk radio show about China and the Olympics.

I'm really impressed in the amount the kids have absorbed from the Olympics this time around. We don't watch it incessantly, but I've turned on the Today show a few mornings and we've watched the live broadcast and then we've had it on periodically in the evenings/weekend. I remember being very into the Olympics as a kid too, so this is kind of fun for me. Although they don't seem too interested in track and field without their beloved Phelps. But I read that Baltimore County is planning a parade for Phelps/Hoff in the coming weeks so I wonder if it would be worth going or not for the kids. Bryce might really freak out if he saw him in person.

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Viv said...

Makenzie too LOVED the swimming! She does her own "swimming" on our floor and it's "crack me up" funny! But she loves the running too - should have gotten video of her running the hurdles tonight. I love it that the kids are getting into the hype! As it should be!