Monday, August 25, 2008

Broken Bryce - Update

Thanks for your concern! Quick update - we are home and Bryce is okay. He's laying on the couch with his arm elevated watching Cars with Jason. As you can see by the x-ray, he broke both his ulna and radius on his right arm right above his wrist. He was so brave and I'm just so proud of him. Not saying there weren't some serious tears and crying, but he took it all in stride. He's got a cast on his arm past his elbow and will have that for 2 weeks and then they'll put a shorter one on for 2 more weeks.

Basically, he was at my daycare providers today and I was thankful to have a break since Piper left me very low in the sleep department this morning. Bryce was happy as usual to be there and I know how much it helps to keep him in his routine. But at 11:45, Cathy called and blurted out that Bryce had just fallen and to come over because it didn't look right. I got there as fast as I could - of course, I started sobbing right away as I was getting things together b/c knowing Cathy as I do, if it didn't look right, it probably was broken. When I got there with Piper, Cathy was sitting on her porch with a sad looking Bryce on her lap and an ice pack on his arm. He never lets you put an ice pack on anything, so I knew he was in pain! She told me she was coming with me and went to lock the house while I gave Bryce a dose of motrin for the pain. And yes, it DID look broken!

We got to the ER and thankfully it was not busy at all. They took my info right away and after I sat down we didn't even wait 5 minutes before they called us back. While the nurse was taking his vitals, Jason arrived and brought Cathy and Piper back with them. I nursed Piper and when I was done they were ready for Bryce in x-ray. I rode with him on my lap and he did so well! They showed me the pictures right away and we could see the break. UGH!

The pediatric ER doc came in and said she was waiting for ortho to decide what to do - but thankfully, he determined it just need to be quickly readjusted and it would be okay, so no surgery or delicate manipulation needed. But, it would be painful for a short bit. Jason and Cathy left with Piper and I held him while they did it. I'm not the squeamish one and I needed to be there for Bryce. So the doctor pulled quickly, immobilized it and had it set in 5 minutes. This was the hardest part for me because Bryce was crying and just moaning to take him home. I started crying too - it was probably one of the hardest things I've done as a mom.

So they re-x-rayed it and it was all back in line, so we were allowed to go. Whew! Every single person we interacted with was so nice and I can't believe how quickly we were helped. Bryce is okay and says he's not sad anymore. I just hope he won't be too sad when we're at the beach and he can't do as much. But he'll have 4 doting grandparents (along with Jay and me) with him that I think will all be happy to help him out.

Whew! This parenting thing is stressful....back to my boy. (And a picture of him with his cast later...when he lets me take one!)


Viv said...

You had it much worse but your story sounds like mine with Makenzie a few weeks ago at Patient First in the middle of the night wiht her elbow out of socket. :( And you know kids need to chill and relax when you put Cars in - We are watching it right now to keep my sickies put and off of each other!

Hope the next 2 weeks fly by and then the following 2 so Bryce can be back to normal soon,

What does Caroline think of the cast? Do you sign casts anymore? Maybe Bryce can have the family sign it -you know you, Jason, Caroline, your parents, Jason's parents, the Aunts & Uncles and of course Miss Piper can add a hand print. Then you can take pics to remember it and it can be a fun art project that he wears for 4 weeks. Just a thought...........

Anonymous said...

What a day. Get some rest all around. I'll check in later. Glad they were able to set it. Poor Brycey-- just in time for his birthday too. This will be one you'll never forget ;-)


H. said...

OH, so sorry! I hope Bryce is feeling better soon & a cast signing party sounds like a fabulous idea!

BJ said...

I think there is things they have that can cover kids casts so they can get wet. Might want to look into that for the beach. Sounds like Bryce was very brave!!