Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Biting Again

Sigh....Bryce's biting has resurfaced. Since he initally started it and we went through an intense period with it happening frequently, we thought we were in "remission" with it. Well, it's back and worse than before. He's still only biting Caroline, but now it's happening with even less provocation. He's already bitten her 3 times today and always leaving teeth marks.

I didn't witness the 3rd time since we were at my mom's and he was out in the pool with Caroline and my mom, but the first time was just because he didn't want her to walk by him at the top of the steps. Talk about a tyrant.

Needless to say, I'm pretty frustrated with him. He KNOWS I'm mad when I come at him after I catch him crying about not going to time out. I've started taking things away from him too. We've read that darn biting book a million times and we talk about how he's not an animal and that animals bite. All things he "gets" when he's not in the throws of his temper.

Right now, he's had a preemptive earlier nap because of the biting incident out by my mom's pool and he sat and screamed in the back bedroom for a while. Then he calmed down and I could hear him talking (in a crying type voice) about how he won't bite Caroline anymore. Yeah, like I believe that.

I'm really hoping that the new seperation the two of them will have when Caroline starts school on Monday will help. Bryce has been with Caroline his entire 3 years all day, every day. So, I think this new school/daycare situation for Caroline couldn't be coming at a better time. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but let's hope it also helps the mouth stay closed longer too and the biting stops.

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