Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beach Beginnings

Well, we survived! And easily, I should add. We had planned to leave at 6am but at 5:15 Jason woke up with a start realizing he'd overslept b/c he'd turned off his alarm clock without knowing it in true Jason style. But we hurried and got all 3 kids ready and were almost ready to go when both sets of grandparents arrived at 6:15am. We pushed off at 6:45am and made good time to our planned breakfast stop in Virginia. After eating we got back in the car and Bryce decided to ride with my parents. Piper fussed for about 10 minutes but then conked back out. 2 hours later we stopped at a rest stop where I fed Piper and we all took a bathroom break. Then over 2 hours later we stopped at the VA/NC border station and played a little musical cars. Bryce moved over to my IL's car, Caroline moved to my parent's and Piper continued to sleep in our car. Just over an hour later, we arrived in the OBX, picked up our key and went to the house!

After some swift unpacking and help from the house's elevator (YEAH elevator!), we were settled and headed down the block for some pizza. After a yummy dinner, we came back and celebrated Bryce's 3rd birthday with cake and ice cream - all eggless! Bryce got oodles of prezzies - mostly Thomas and Cars stuff and he was quite the happy boy. We'd hoped to let them go swimming in the backyard pool and maybe a dip in the "warm pool" (hot tub) but we had a little thunderstorm and so we decided to let them take a bath in the jetted tub in our bathroom. That went over QUITE well and they were very wiggly amidst the bubbles and deep water. We also got to try out Bryce's new waterproof cast cover and while it's a little big and hard to get on a wiggly 3 year old, it worked very well! We've already figured out how we'll make it easier the next go around with it.

So the weather forecast is looking GREAT and we're just getting ourselves together to get out and enjoy the summery weather. All 3 kids slept great although it was a little hard getting the older 2 to sleep since they are sharing a room, but I think that's part of the fun. More to come..


BJ said...

sounds like so much fun. I am glad t o hear that the ride was uneventful overall. I am sure that is a relief.

Mama said...

Yay! So happy you had a smooth ride. Wishing you the same on your return trip! Have a great time!

Viv said...

That cake looks yummy!

Glad you had a good car ride - I was worried about your sanity! And I think it helped that you had 3 cars that C & B could ride in :)