Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad Bad Night

Here's my night in bullet form:
  • Went upstairs a little after 10pm with Piper asleep in my arms.
  • Piper woke up and wanted to eat again, so I nursed her until sometime after 10:30.
  • Put her in co-sleeper.
  • Became clear she wasn't about to settle down.
  • Lots of fussing, a swaddle, and some screaming later, I got her to sleep sometime before midnight.
  • She woke up screaming at 2am.
  • Nursed her and put her back to bed without any issues.
  • At 4:15 am, Caroline comes in complaining of an itchy mosquito bite (did I mention how much I HATE mosquitos right now?) - Jason was in the shower at this point.
  • 4:20 am, hearing Caroline, Bryce walks into my room asking where Caroline is.
  • Jason still in shower.
  • I put an overly large blob of hydrocortisone on Caroline's leg, rub it in, and point her back to bed.
  • I put Bryce back in bed and cover him up.
  • I get back into bed.
  • Bryce doesn't like the way I covered him up.
  • Bryce starts crying/yelling to cover him back up.
  • I ignore him. Jason is still in the shower.
  • Bryce starts crying/yelling he's thirsty - in fact, he says he's "parched."
  • I get up, get him, take him to his bathroom and give him a drink.
  • Point him back to bed and get back into mine.
  • Bryce starts screaming again about there being monsters in his room.
  • Continues screaming and is coming out of his room saying he wants to go into Caroline's bed.
  • He comes back into my room and is crying. I tell him to go into the bathroom and wait for daddy to get out of the shower.
  • Piper wakes up to eat, of course.
  • I nurse Piper and she again goes down without problems - it's about 5:15am.
  • Jason puts Bryce back to bed.
  • 5:45am, Bryce comes back into my room for no apparent reason. (I ignore him since OMG, I need sleep and he's not making a peep.)
  • 6am - Jason comes up to finish getting ready and finds Bryce in our room and that he's pooped.
  • He changes him and puts Bryce back to bed.
  • 7:05am, Bryce comes into my room and starts to climb up into my bed and falls and hits his head.
  • I jump out of bed to pick him up and find out he's pooped again.
  • Change diaper and might as well get him dressed for the day since I'm up.

And you wonder why I'm tired today. I think I need a nap now.


Viv said...

Is it wrong that I laughed when I read the "parched" part? Sorry! And wow that's crazy - good thing Caroline stayed put, for the most part!

Erika said...

Nope, in fact, it's the only thing that made me smile the entire night.

H. said...

Oh Erika! I'm sending you a few of my Zzzzz's. Don't you wish you could store up on night's like that you could tap into a reserve tank somewhere. Talk about an invention!

BJ said...

ouch, what a night!! Hope you can catch a few minutes of shut eye