Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby Holder

This morning, I had a bit of a mommy scare.

Last night, I read Caroline a story on the floor of her room while Piper was laying on the floor next to us. Caroline bent down and kind of picked up Piper and because I was right there, I kind of spotted her and made sure all was okay. Caroline just loved it and it was really sweet to see Piper being completely held by her big sister. But I made it very clear to Caroline that there were 2 rules for picking up Piper:

1. Mommy or Daddy had to be there closeby.
2. She had to have permission.

Well, this morning, Caroline was finishing breakfast this morning and Piper was in her swing. (I'm sure you can see where this is going...) She asked if she could stop the swing and hug Piper, something she does frequently. I told her that was fine and continued cleaning Bryce's oatmeal face up.

The next thing I know, I look in the family room and there is Caroline walking across the family room with Piper in her arms!!

"CAROLINE!" I yelled. I ran in there and got Piper from her and put her safely in her bouncy chair. Caroline immediately crumpled to the floor crying. Now having my wits about me seeing that everything was okay, I felt bad for yelling at Caroline. So I sat down on the couch and had Caroline come and sit on my lap. I apologized for yelling at her because I shouldn't have yelled, but I told her that she had broken the 2 major rules I told her about last night. Mommy was not right there and mommy did NOT give her permission. I had her repeat the rules to me and then I told her the reason she needs to ask is that holding a baby is a big deal because they can get hurt so easily and if she wasn't holding Piper right, she could fall and get very hurt. I also told her that if Bryce saw her carrying Piper, that he might try and that he would more likely unintentionally hurt her.

So, I hope that nips this in the bud, but then, I thought I had made it very clear last night too. Although I will say now that all is said and done, the image of Caroline standing there holding Piper so lovingly, was actually kind of cute. But I won't tell her that.

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