Friday, August 29, 2008

And I Used to Think Packing for 2 Was Hard

Nope. Packing for 3, especially when one of them is 6 weeks old is ROUGH. Add that to the fact that my phone didn't stop ringing all day because of birthday and get well wishes for Bryce (thank you!), a short visit from Katie and the girls, and Jason running much needed errands, and you have an insane day where I felt like the only time I sat down was to feed Piper. Oh and I barely got 5 hours sleep the night before. I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

Poor Piper is reaping the brunt of frustration. There will be better days.

BJ said...

You will be ready to enjoy your time at the beach!

Anonymous said...

Call me on my cell or email me on yahoo (not facebook) or email me your cell and I'll call you, when you get a chance.