Tuesday, August 05, 2008

3 Kids in a Bed

This is what happens when all 3 kids end up in bed together. Chaos and cuteness, all rolled into one:

And here's a cute one of Piper - she accepted a pacifier for a few minutes. Usually you put it in her mouth and she just gags on it. If she's not going to take a pacifier, I hope she'll find her thumb soon - I need a self soothing baby!


Viv said...

How cute!

I bet you can't wait until Miss P is in on the bedtime running around too! ;)

BJ said...

Awesome pictures! They are adorable together. I read your last post first which made me laugh when I saw these pictures. They look so peaceful together and seem to love each other and having fun. Based on your next post I am assuming there was so sibling fightin' going on:>:> Charish the great times right!

Anonymous said...

Piper looks so much older than 3 weeks in these pics!!!
Bryce has a look that I think looks like Jeremy?
Caroline looks so excited about Piper being in her bed.
What a cute trio!