Thursday, August 14, 2008

1 Month Old

Hard to believe she is 1 month old already! A month ago today, it was starting to get very exciting. But the funny thing is, even though she's only been here a month, I'm already forgetting what life was like without her. I told Jason last night that I'm forgetting what it was like just to have 2 children and for Bryce to be my baby. It's odd how the mind works. Or maybe it's just that my heart has expanded and I'm not supposed to remember loving only 2 children.

Let's see, Miss Piper, she's still only sleeping in 3-4 hour bursts at night although we did get one 5 1/2 hour stretch last week. She's still fussy a lot in the evenings but it's not quite as bad as it was there for a while. She's been smiling more and more in the past few days and it's easier to get her to smile too. This afternoon I was laying in bed with her and she was snoozing after nursing (and I was trying to take a nap - no luck) and it was just so odd to look at her because I can totally see myself in her, something that I didn't experience with the other two even though I do see Caroline's resemblence to me now. I'm very interested to see how she's going to change in the coming weeks and months, although I don't want to wish away my little baby.

Some other things about her:
  • She's quite noisy in her sleep - constantly making little baby noises or making weird grunty sounds. I don't remember the other two being so noisy.
  • She doesn't seem to mind the constant touching by her siblings.
  • She sleeps best on her belly, but don't tell the hospital or doctors that....
  • She isn't quite the barfer that Bryce was, but she spits up way more than Caroline did. We're starting to have to launder the burp cloths more frequently.
  • She's definitely losing her newborn hair. :(
  • She's finally taking a pacifier on a consistent basis. Only THIS kind will do...

She's quite a sweetheart and adored by all that meet her. And even though it's hard to remember what life was like without her, I'm still amazed that I have three children. It really is a handful!


H. said...

I opened your Blog and was like, "Whoa! One month, how did THAT happen????" It goes so fast. I've resorted to putting books on Gretchen's head because she grows everytime I blink my eyes! Ha!

BJ said...

Wow, 1 month old already! What a wonderful picture. It is totally amazing how the mind works because we can so easily forget what life was like in the past. Great as always to hear how the family is doing. Thanks as always for updating us.

Amanda said...

She is so beautiful!!!

I still can't remember life before Hannah. Isn't it amazing how they have changed our lives.

Gracie would only take the nuk pacifier by gerber. When I wasn't nursing she would only use playtex dropins.

Those little people they are amazing!!!

Congrats again!!!