Friday, July 25, 2008

What we had for dinner last night...

Well, not really. That's kind of gross, but yes, that IS a squirrel on our grill. In fact, it's one of the first squirrels we've ever really seen on the deck. (Our deck isn't close to any trees like my mom's where they run rampant!) We were sitting eating dinner in the kitchen when Jason noticed the squirrel around the base of the grill. Like I said, this is not common, so we sat and watched.

The grill had been off for a little bit since Jason had taken off the grilled chicken for our Caesar salad over a half hour before. So, we sat and watched and could not believe it when s/he crawled up onto the actual grilling surface and started to eat the charred chicken that remained. At first I thought it would get burned but I guess it was cool enough. I had no idea that a squirrel would even eat meat but according to this site, it must have been a VERY hungry squirrel. S/he sat there for a few minutes before Jason shooed it away.

Talk about a bold squirrel.....ew.

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Viv said...

Oh my - you need to have the kids throw some nut out for the animals to eat. Makenzie loves to feed the wildlife we have around, the birds, rabbits, chipmunks.... and then she loves to feed the fish at my parents pond and the ducks on the Avenue pond!