Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What made the crazy pregnant woman cry today?

A half consumed can of Diet Pepsi, that's what.

I've said before that a diet soda in the morning has been what got me through the last weeks of my pregnancy with Bryce and this baby and this morning, I really needed it. I was sipping it on my way to work and probably would have drank it all except that my bladder was already screaming and the thought of taking another sip made me shudder.

So I got to work, gathered my things and got almost the entire way into my office when I realized my trusty soda was sitting in the car. My office manager offered to go out and get it but I just felt dumb saying yes to that. And it's really not that far at all - at least to a non-38 week pregnant person. But I said not to worry about it.

I got into my office, sat down and called Jason (well after a run to the bathroom), and as soon as I told him, I started to cry. Why was I crying over a damn 1/2 drunk can of soda???? Jason laughed and told me I was like a little kid who forgot her lunch in elementary school - something that I keenly remember crying about too. And his laughing about it made me giggle and then we just checked in about the kids and how Bryce had bitten Caroline in the butt already. So another laugh there.

I seem to be over it now, although I can sense that soda sitting in my car. I wonder what else will make me cry today. It's really not hard. God forbid I get a papercut or something.


Katie said...

Awww. LOL. I've been there.

Christine said...

I AM there with ya.....at least your DH laughs with you instead of mocking you...at least the end is near for you!

Viv said...

To make you feel better just think about your hot 1/2 soda right now - not very tastey, right?

Amy said...


H. said...

Been there. Done that. Sorry sweetie, you are almost there!!!!
Wanna laugh? When I was preggo Allen made the statement, "You're wearing flip flops." I was a crying wreck. It's those hormones~!