Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thunderstorms & Eyelashes

Ugh, can I just say that I'm sick of the rash of thunderstorms the past few days?? I always appreciate the rainfall in the summer since it means we don't have to water the garden/lawn/flowers and it cools things off, but man, these past few days of VERY VERY LOUD thunderstorms is making Jason and me nuts. Mostly because they strike soon after bedtime and it always either wakes Caroline up or keeps her from going to bed. On Tuesday night, it was around 11:30 and I could NOT believe how loud the thunder was and how hard the rain pelted the windows. It woke 4 of us up from a dead sleep - even Bryce which is unusual. Then last night, it started after bedtime and Caroline would not stay in bed. But we know it's a losing battle so we let her sit downstairs with us for a bit especially since just as it started, the cable/internet went out and we knew we wouldn't be up for long.

So she sat and talked to me while I nursed Piper. Caroline always examines Piper so closely and she commented on Piper's pretty little eyelashes. I told her that when she was born, she really didn't have many eyelashes but they sure did grow and now she has VERY pretty ones. We talked about how eyelashes a really cool because they will never grow too long and how they protect your eyes. And then I told her that she should never ever ever try to cut her eyelashes. And her reply?

"No mommy, I would never cut my eyelashes because I want to marry a boy when I grow up and boys don't like short eyelashes."

I asked her where she heard/learned that and she said from the movie, Garfield, that she had watched with my FIL. (I've never seen it.) I had no idea that Garfield was giving her such important social information. Then I quizzed her on all the big Garfield facts and she knew them all (Odie's name, Garfield's favorite food). So I guess maybe she did get it from there?


Viv said...

Those storms were the worst light night! We actually we racing to get Makenzie to sleep before the came but no such luck so we let her stay up and watch Backyardagains on Noggin! She finally went to sleep but it was an effort on all of our parts!

Heather said...

The Birds & The Bees: Garfield's Way. Very cute though! We watched our wedding video on our you remember Allen's mom's story about eyelashes on HER wedding day & what Rob called her?