Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Morning at Aunt Chrissa's

This morning, we ventured down to my sister's house in the city for a visit. My kids had spent an impromptu night at my mom's so I met them over at her house at 9am and we headed out. (Jason stayed home and shampooed carpets and vacuumed, isn't he great?) I hadn't been down to my sister's since a month after she moved in at Thanksgiving and she has done so much work to it, that I really wanted to see the place. The kids wanted to go especially because I told them about Aunt Chrissa's magical juicer that can turn all the fruit and veggies we want into healthy juice! So armed with a bag full of fresh apples, they were excited.

Bryce fully participated and enjoyed watching the juice come out and the "fruit poop" (pulp) come out the other side. Chrissa was a good teacher and Bryce made some top quality, fresh apple juice. Caroline was being a bit skittish and decided at the time of juicing that she wanted to just sit and read a magazine. Then after making some kiddie apple juice, Bryce helped Chrissa whip up a more adult selection of apples, lemons, beets, carrots and ginger - which was much tastier than you would think.

After juicing and some running around, Chrissa took the kids out into her amazing backyard. For living in the city in a rowhouse, she has quite a vegetable garden. And quite a healthy vegetable garden, at that. Makes mine look puny. Chrissa let them pull some carrots right out of the ground and she showed them all the different kinds of veggies she had growing. Then they helped her plant a few pepper plants and watered them. They enjoyed it so much they kept trying to go back out, even after it started raining. Chrissa is really great with kids and teaching them all about gardening, so it's no wonder the kids were interested. And finally, she took them down in her basement and they helped her to feed her earthworms that she's growing (do you grow earthworms?). In true kid fashion, they liked that. Ew!

So thanks to my mom for coming along with us and doing some of the physical kid wrangling for me since I'm not exactly at my fastest right now. But it was nice to see Chrissa at her house and how much she enjoys entertaining in her kitchen and garden!


Viv said...

Wow what a great garden she has. And earthworms, is that for the garden? Chriss is so green - I wish I was 1/2 as green as she is!

Katie said...

Okay, that juicer looks cool and what an impressive city garden! As for the earthworms, I think I'll pass. I've got enough slithery friends as I can handle with good ole Mr. Snake out front.

BJ said...

Looks like Viv beat me to my question --- whats up with the earthworms? I am impressed and wowed by Chrissa. I do wish I could be that good and make my own juice and have my own garden. I just read a thing about plastic bags and my goal is to just get myself away from using plastic bags. Guess one step at a time!!

Erika said...

Crazy thing is, that's only about a third of the garden that you can see in this picture. It's on both sides of the yard and extends all the way from house to yard. It's amazing.