Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sleep Deprivation = Not So Nice Mama

I feel terrible saying this but I've figured out the less sleep I get (or less restful sleep) the harder my kids have it. I did not get enough sleep on Monday night and then had some running around to do yesterday (I can drive again!) and then I worked online for 2 1/2 hours, so I didn't get a nap in with Piper. When the kids got home, I was exhausted and not very nice. I got dinner and then after dinner, they wanted to watch Milo and Otis, which I turned on for them. But while I was sitting there, I was nursing Piper and anyone that has nursed knows that nursing makes you drowsy to begin with and you add that to already being tired and I could NOT keep my eyes open. And of course, with every scene of the movie, they had 2342532 questions. I'm not sure what Jason was doing at this point but I was so tired of their questions and I was just trying to shut my eyes for a few minutes and they kept asking questions.

Why did the cat do that? Where is the cat going? What is that? Why is that happening??

By about 20 minute in, my answers were not very nice. However, as it got to be after 7pm, I turned the movie off, got together any energy I had and after Jason got their showers, I played with them and read them their books before bed because I felt so bad for being less than nice to them. So the day ended on a good note. However, this morning, while I could still use some more sleep, I am a little more rested and it's just so much easier to manage and be a nice mom again. Truly amazing how that works, isn't it?


Bracken said...

Not so great nights and stress for me have been a problem and I see that I am a lot less patient with Sydney and it has been bothering me. Different reasons for our sleepless nights but I know how you feel.

Christine said...

Yep- I definitely see a relationship there and it sucks because mine (Baz, really) keep me sleep deprived so much! Good for you for rallying and turning it around- that is soooooo hard! Why can't they lear in utero that sleep is GOOD for them and mom and dad?