Saturday, July 05, 2008

Riding the Ducks

I meant to blog about this and then Viv reminded me. On Wednesday, when my mom had the kids, she decided to take the kids downtown to Ride the Ducks which is one of those cool land/water vehicles that does a sightseeing tour of downtown Baltimore. When we were kids, my mom would always take us downtown a few times in the summer to do some kind of fun, touristy thing which I have very fond memories of.

Anyway, the boat/truck leaves every half hour during the summer so my mom and the kids got on the 10:30am ride and they were off! My mom said it was really entertaining and the kids enjoyed it although it got a little boring for them at times. She had brought along a juice box and some snacks for them, so that helped too. They all had their duck quackers and enjoyed waving at people and blowing their quacker. The whole ride was supposed to be about 70 minutes - 20 of which were in the water. My mom said there were lots of new facts she learned even though she's lived here her entire adult life.

And in true grammy fashion, my mom bought the pictures at the end - which I'll post later - she even got the key chains! They are just so cute and the kids look so sunny and happy on their Bertie adventure. Afterwards they had a quick lunch at Johnny Rocketts and then went back to my mom's house where Jay and I met them after work.

I was pretty jealous and thought it sounded like a lot of fun since I always enjoyed doing that kind of stuff with my mom too, but I'm glad even if I didn't get to join in that the kids had so much fun although I doubt they absorbed much of the Baltimore facts.

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Viv said...

Sounds like fun _ Maybe I'll file the info in my brain for next summer when Tori is a little older. :)