Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Rant From a 37 1/2 Week Pregnant Woman

I pulled up at my local Babies R Us on my way home from work to get a few odds and ends that we really have to have on hand when baby girl arrives and I was instantly irritated. Now I'm normally not someone who would park in one of those "expecting mother" parking spaces, but it was in the low 90's and HOT today, the rest of the parking lot was pretty full, and did I mention I'm 37 1/2 weeks pregnant?????? This BRU has like 8 expecting mom places and I couldn't believe they were ALL filled up. ALL OF THEM. So I was thinking, damn, there better be some big old preggos in there or I'm gonna be mad.

Well, I went in and did my shopping and I didn't see ONE person that looked half as pregnant as me. In fact, I only saw a handful that were just showing. I noticed the sideway glances I was getting from other customers and knowing they were wondering when this baby was going to be falling out of me. Yes, I can still walk and do things for myself.

Yes, I know those spaces aren't exactly legal spaces and they really can't enforce them, but I know for myself I never used them when I was just a little pregnant - I was thinking about those poor souls in the last weeks of their pregnancy. I guess not everyone thinks that way. Of course, when I came out a half hour later, most of them were empty so I guess I just came at a bad time.

So this is really just a rant, not a complaint. Bad timing I guess. Oh well, at least I can still walk, um, I mean waddle. It was just so mega hot. But I did get most everything I really needed.


Viv said...

That burned me up too epecially since I always was carrying Kenzie with me since she was too young to hold a hand while walking. So Imagine being 38 weeks carring an 17 month old with a big 'ole diaper bag and then seeing a 4 month pregnant woman getting into her car! HATED IT!

Amanda said...

I jsut think you are a saint for being pregnant in the hot hot summer.

I hope you don't have to do anymore big shopping until after the baby.

Viv said...

And you know I just got a BRU/TRU "baby" coupon in the mail today for money off - do you want it?

Erin said...

Ugh. People suck. They just do. :(

Katie said...

I never park in those spots. Even when I was prego, I passed them up until I was REALLY uncomfy (ie 9 mos prego).

I got really mad when my SIL told me that her SIL parks in those spaces all of the time, whether she is prego or not and whether she has kids with her or not. I was super-ticked. So wrong.

Society finally thought of a good way to help pregnant women and people find a way to spoil it.