Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Playing Catchup

Let's see, today is my 3rd day "home alone" since Jason returned to work on Monday and the kids went back to daycare too although yesterday was our usual "IL Tuesday" and they came and took the kids to the Science Center for a good portion of the day. I felt a little weird on Monday just being at home with Piper, but know that I really still do need the extra rest and time for myself - and yes, I know it's quite a luxury since I didn't do that when Bryce was born. But at the same time, the kids really do need the return to structure since last week was a bit crazy. Getting them back into their 8pm bedtime/6am-ish wake up really does make them happier, more managable kids. Plus, they had such a fun day at daycare on Monday with the other kids. Yesterday my IL's didn't arrive until around 10am so I had to manage them in a completely sleep deprived state and it wasn't pretty. So yes, I really do need the help. The constant fighting (that now includes pinching) is hard for any parent to deal with but having less than 4 hours sleep makes it even harder.

However, so far, that was our worst night with Piper. Otherwise, she's doing pretty well. Most nights, I can get a 4 hour chunk of sleep out of her (yes, I know I'm lucky!) and then another 2-3 hour one, so if that's the case, I'm doing pretty well even though I need a nap by midday. However, Monday night into Tuesday was rough - she woke up at 10:30pm and pretty much screamed when she wasn't eating until 3:30am. She did take a 1 hour time out in the swing from 1:30 until 2:30 so I caught a few Z's in there but finally at 3:30, I held her close to me and we passed out together in our bed until I was awoken at 7am to hear fighting children downstairs.

Piper's biggest issue though seems to be that she does NOT like sleeping on her back. Caroline and Bryce never seemed to mind and were great swaddle babies, but not Piper. I've tried that technique a few times already with no success. She will sleep on her side in our bed, but not in the cosleeper. Which means, yes, Piper likes to sleep, GASP, on her belly. And the difference is amazing. On her back, I'm lucky if I can get 30 minutes (if that) out of her, but on her belly? 3-4 hours. So needless to say, Jason and I have read all that SIDS information over and over again coming to our own conclusions. Turns out our only risk factor is the belly sleeping given our race, prenatal care, non-smoking status, choosing to breastfeed and very firm/clear sleeping surface. Plus, she's right next to me in the cosleeper and any new mom can attest to how easily infant noises will wake you up to check on them. So I think that is what we're going with for right now. We'll probably reassess in another week or so since she's growing/developing every day. And by the time she finally rolls over, it's really a moot point so I'm hoping for an early roller to ease my mind.

As for me, I'm keeping myself busy since I need to have a quantitative outcome each day to make me feel as though I accomplished something. Monday my goal was to get all the laundry done - check! Yesterday, even in my sleep haze, I managed to sort through all my seasonal/maternity clothes (more on that later). And today? Well, I think I'm going to finally get out of the house with my mom for a bit. I've only been out twice since Piper was born and that was to my mom's so I'm kind of overdue. I've also managed NOT to log in and check my work email or do any other kind of work from home...yet. I'll probably start back up again next week on a very limited basis - but don't worry, I'll get credit for it and will be keeping track of every minute I'm doing work, so don't think I'm a glutton for punishment. I'm also looking forward to being able to drive again. I know I could drive now but doctor's orders are no driving for 2 weeks so I'll heed them. (Did you know that if you drive against doctor's orders and there is any kind of accident that your insurance will likely NOT cover you at all??? Totally not worth it.)

Well, I just heard a major breastmilk poop blowout upstairs, so I know what that means. Better go!


Erin said...

Both of my kids were tummy sleepers from WAY early on... It scared me to death, but I couldn't force them to sleep on their backs, they just wouldn't sleep that way! (unless they were upright in the infant seat) Anyway, we invested in the Angel Care Monitor with Simon and I love it! It's $99, but the better sleep for all of us was worth it!

And yeah, as a tummy sleeper, she'll definitely roll earlier... and watch out, because she'll crawl earlier too. ;)

Erika said...

Erin, I thought I remembered that Simon was also a belly sleeper. I'll have to talk to Jason about that monitor - never had a real need for it before since they were back sleepers and I wasn't too worried about breathing and such.

I thought that too about the crawling - but I think her brother and sister would LOVE for her to be "playing" with them sooner. (And she'll want to keep up too.)

Erin said...

I'll bet you could get one at a consignment store relatively cheap if you looked around... or maybe on Ebay.

Viv said...

Or look on

H. said...

What a beautiful "awake" photo! Such a cutie!

Christine said...

Erika- I was just telling the girls at work that I think 2 weeks at home may be too're making a STRONG argument for me to head right back to work after this kid pops out!! I'm sorry you're so sleep deprived- I know how much it really sucks and if makes every little task so much harder. Try not to worry too much about the tummy sleeping- you don't have many risk factors and you both (all) NEED sleep!!!!