Sunday, July 13, 2008

Papers! Two papers in our front yard!

The past two Saturdays have started this way with Bryce shuffling into our room, usually before 7am, declaring that there are 2 papers in our front yard. He gets so darn excited about them and then just dispenses with his usual chitterchatter that Jason and I try to absorb as we wake up. He just wakes up with so much to tell us and such excitement in his voice. Nothing like a zest for life in an almost 3 year old.

And then this morning, he's been walking around telling us he's a joker and making all kinds of silly faces. Plus with all the things he's been saying lately, it's becoming very clear to us that he's aware of a lot more than we realize. When did this little boy start growing up so fast?

Yesterday he played on the computer for an hour and Jason couldn't believe his pick up on using the quick links and figuring out how to play the games. So all that's left for him in his journey to official "Big Boyville" is potty training and he peed on the potty twice yesterday, so maybe it's not so far off.


Viv said...

Hey that's what you can do while you are off work - potty training! You know like you won't have anything else to do while on maternity leave with #3! JK ;)

Bracken said...

How awesome would that be if Bryce started potting training so you would still only have one child in diapers.

Sydney is a chatter box as soon as she wakes up and it is hard to absorb as you wake up so I hear you.