Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Poor Tech Man

Poor Jason, I feel bad for him. The past few evenings he's been working on getting our wireless internet working so that when I'm home with the baby, I can use my work laptop from somewhere else in the house (not that I'll be doing work...). Anyway, we've always had a desktop PC which suits us fine considering we both work all day and don't really have the need for a personal laptop. I've had my work one for about a year, but I rarely bring it home, so no need for WiFi.

But I asked him to buy us a wireless router and he did and when it arrived he laughed because it said "easy setup" and anyone who deals with IT issues knows that there is never such a thing. He's got it up and working but he's having some issues getting the laptop to connect to it and it's likely something with the configuation of my laptop being a university PC and all the bells and whistles that are installed on it that are not installed on other machines. Anyway, he sat down last night to work on it again and a little bit later he comes in to tell me that now he can't even access the internet from our PC. WTH?

He's all down on himself and driving himself NUTS because he can't figure out what he could have done to completely mess up the internet access. So he went to bed, fiddled with it some more this morning, tried reading a few message boards for solutions, but still found nothing. Until he got to work and started looking further.

Heh. Turns out that a Windows Security Update went out yesterday, one that he installed just as he was getting started messing around with the router. Turns out, if you have Zone Alarm as your firewall program, the newest Windows update basically makes your internet connection crap out. Sweet. Apparently Zone Alarm was not aware of this newest update and good old Microsoft didn't make anyone aware. (Classic.) So my poor husband was beating himself up for no reason thinking he was the reason for the flub, when in reality it was pure coincidence that he was messing with the internet connection. I went ahead and uninstalled the update and all is fine again.

Nothing like IT to get your blood boiling and to 2nd guess yourself. I'm just glad he checked out the Zone Alarm boards before too long so he figured it out pretty quickly.


Katie said...

Do me a favor and take a brisk walk around campus? I'm predicting a 7/11 birthday here okay and she needs some encouragement!

Erika said...

He got it working - yay for WiFi in my house!

Heidi said...

Thanks for writing about hubby updated my laptop without me knowing it and we couldn't get it to connect to the internet and couldn't figure out why and then I remembered what you had written and I had him restore the laptop back a couple of days and it worked!