Thursday, July 03, 2008

Maybe the Monkeys Did It

As I was throwing a few things in my lunch bag this morning to go to work, I lamented that I was "peeved" about the fact that someone mysteriously broke the office's microwave over the past weekend and that I didn't have a whole lot of options for lunch because of it. (How rude is that just to leave it completely burned and the tray broken in half? We're supposed to be getting a new one, but so far, nothing yet.)

Bryce overheard me telling Jason about it and he asked why I was "peed." I told him that someone had made a bad choice and broken the microwave at work so mommy couldn't heat up any food for her lunches. Of course he asked "why" a few more times and "who."

Then he says, with a very serious face, "Maybe the monkeys got in and did it."

I laughed and told him I liked that answer. Caroline chimed in that maybe some tigers had helped.

Damn monkeys and tigers. I miss my hot lunches.

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