Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just what a new mom needs!

The day that my little brother came home from the hospital in January 1980, my sister and I came down with chicken pox. I always wonder how my mom kept her sanity during that time. So naturally, today I immediately thought of that time when Jason called me upstairs to look at the bug he'd found in Bryce's hair.

You guessed it! Head lice! We immediately called my mom who is a nurse and a former school health nurse so she's practically an expert on dealing with them. We quickly identified the bug and found several nits in his hair. Fortunately, we didn't find any in Caroline's or mine (and Jason was just pleased to tell us how great being bald was today). Piper seems to be okay too.

So we called my IL's to warn them since they'd spent so much time with the kids the past few weeks - turns out my SIL's stepdaughter has them too so it was good to identify where they picked them up since we were wracking our brains to figure it out and then to warn anyone we'd been around since then. Quite a tangled trail...

But luckily, they are fairly easily treated and my mom stepped up to help us out especially since I'm breastfeeding and not supposed to really use the stuff without talking to my doctor. Each kid had a hair treatment and then Bertie thoroughly went through their hair. She never found any in Caroline's but found a few more nits in Bryce's - although no more bugs. So it's pretty clear we caught this really early. (WTG Jason!) However, we're still doing a lot of precautionary things such as an extra thorough vacuuming of the house and upholstery (hardly an oddity, thanks to Jason), washing of all bed linens on the sanitary cycle, and putting all their stuffed animals in a black garbage bag quarantine for 2 weeks. Again, Jason is doing the majority of the labor so I really am grateful for that - he even went out and vacuumed the carseats out already. Give that man an award!

Makes me remember when I had them in the first grade - again caught VERY early - and when someone asked why I wasn't in school that day another kid responded, "Well, she had crickets in her hair."

So moms, keep being diligent about combing your kids' hair from time to time b/c you just never know when these things can pop up and catching them early will save you a lot of stress since they are much easier to get rid of when they've just set up camp. My mom has horror stories of kids and their families practically having to shave their heads to try to get rid of them.


Dawn said...

Wow, that IS just what a new mom needs, huh? I never even think to check... thanks for the reminder! I'm glad you caught it early and that it seems to be a fairly limited case.

Heather said...

OH MY, ERIKA! You need to give that Jason a big ol' hug! What a great guy! I am very impressed at his thorough cleaning job. Glad you got 'em early.

Erin said...

OMG! Just you needed, huh?
Three cheers for your husband and mom though!

Katie said...

You have got to be kidding me. ?!? Lice is totally not on my radar right now. I would never have even thought to be looking for it. Kudos to Jason for spotting it early and for being a clean machine. Neither of you need this hassle right now, but it looks like it will go down in H family history as one of the craziest things. Kudos to your mom as well!

P.S. There is an episode of "Yes, Dear" that deals with lice and little kids and it is really funny. If you happen to catch it on a rerun sometime, you'll laugh. That's one of my fav parenting sitcoms-- I can't pass up a rerun.

Bracken said...

WOW, what a way to start your time at home!! I had lice when I was younger but thankfully it wasn't serious. Jason deserves a huge hug and lots of kudos for his hard work.

Viv said...

OH I never had lice and neither did my sister - so I hope it stays that way for me and my girls!

I had the chicken pox when I was in 2nd grade and gave them to my sister who was like 7 or 8 months old at the time - nice gift huh? So since you & Chrissa had them at the same time and Kevin didn't, did he ever get them later on in childhood?