Thursday, July 31, 2008

Invent This: Adult Sippy Cups

Anyone else have the problem that they can't have a cup of anything to drink near them because your child(ren) will drink it? And if they don't drink it all immeadiately, they will spill it? Ugh. This is very problematic for me right now because I'm breastfeeding around the clock and that makes me ULTRA thirsty. So I need to have water nearby all the time - particularly when nursing. Before I had Piper, I'd pretty much given up on having a cup of water in the family room b/c I knew I wouldn't be able to drink it since the kids find water so much tastier if it's in MY cup. But now that I'm nursing, I NEED to have it. And tonight, Caroline was sipping on it and spilled it. And usually they do this when I'm sitting with the baby at my breast and can't do a darn thing!

So I think we need adult sippy cups to combat this - cups that only an adult can manage to drink out of. What do you think?


BJ said...

I will second this one!

jen said...

it's called a nalgene bottle, dear. You can close them tight enough that they can't open them! :)

(I'm just teasing. though, that's the only way I'll drink water anymore for the same reasons.)

H. said...

Here you go, I found one:

Christine said...

I'm definitely going to be there with you....Baz's favorite word is "dump" and he can unscrew anything when he sets his mind to it! I like the one h. posted....may have to invest in that!