Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Think She Wants Out

Oh my gosh - this baby is feeling her Cheerios this morning. And I haven't had anything out of the ordinary to eat or drink. She is moving, pushing, kicking, stretching, and just wiggling everywhere. And you know, at this point, there just isn't much room to spare, so it's a bit uncomfortable. My belly looks like a scene from Aliens. I love how all the pregnancy books say that after 36ish weeks that babies enter a "quiet" period as they ready for delivery. Ha ha ha - I think the baby didn't read that book. I keep hoping that all this movement will cause her to break my water. No luck yet.

Had an OB appointment this morning and as usual, her heartrate was in the 160's which makes sense since she is so active. I've also only gained 1 more pound and I'm measuring on target. Also, no real dilation news either - still a solid 2cm but at least I'm not long and closed. It's something to start with, right? And of course, a good friend reminded me how quickly you can go from "nothing" to a big "something" so I can't let myself get too bummed about it. The midwife also joked that 3rd labors are usually different than the first two - either much faster or just VERY different from the others. Given how different my body seems to be handling late pregnancy this time, I'm guessing it will just be a different labor. So I'm trying not to dwell on all the what ifs and just focus on the end product. I've never really been anxious about L&D so I don't know what is different this time. I think I just want her to be here.


Viv said...

dare I ask if your bag is totally packed yet? Maybe different means she will come on her own! So

Katie said...

How is today going?