Friday, July 25, 2008

How to Attract Expectant Grandparents

Katie's post was very coincidental considering my experience on Wednesday. I hadn't been out of the house except to visit my mom's twice, so when my mom asked if I wanted to run some errands with her on her day off, I jumped at the chance. So she picked Piper and me up and we headed out to the mall/shopping center. Everyone was peeking in the stroller to get a look at Miss Piper and then not be able to believe it when I told them she was 9 days old. (Usually looks of shock that I'd have her out already.) Maybe b/c it's my 3rd child and it's the summer, but I'm just not worried. I mean, her siblings breath in her face constantly and touch her all over and while we were out, no one was touching her so I didn't think it was a big deal. Guess I'm just really bold.

Anyway, our last stop was Target and while we were in there, 4 different women stopped either my mom or me to check out Piper, marvel over her newborn preciousness, and then tell us that they were expecting a new grandbaby soon. One woman even stopped us as we were about to cross the street to go to our car and said, "Oh my gosh, I just have to look!"

So if you're wondering who out there in the world is expecting a new grandbaby, just take a newborn out in public and they'll come out of the woodwork.


H. said...

She's a rock star! That's what Allen calls Gretchen because its like she's a magnet & attracts lots of attention too!

P.S. Your going out must be baby #3because with Gretchen on day 9 I looked like a deer caught in headlights!

Amy said...

I remember being at Target when Carter was 4 days old and people were just SHOCKED. We used to get grandmothers and soon-to-be grandmothers come up to us a lot too. It's so cute.

Post more pics of Piper!

Christine said...

I'm still amazed that people actually keep their babies in. I went right to the mall when I was discharged from the hospital with Baz to take Anya to see the Easter Bunny. I don't remember if I drove or not (my parents obviously had to come pick me up), but there I was with my 2-day old baby walking the mall! Yay that you got to get out and about!