Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Made it home by 11am! The fastest discharge ever - Piper is doing great although she's still working on nursing. (Milk isn't in yet and she gets frustrated, but it will come.)

The big kids were bouncing off the walls when we got home and both have been holding her, but Caroline is absolutely IN LOVE. She's already held her and helped her to stop crying - it's precious.

So I'll be back later for a birth story and more, but I just wanted to post our new family picture from yesterday because I'm just so proud. (Erin, they're wearing your shirts!)

Thank you to EVERYONE for their sweet responses and thoughts - knowing so many people were thinking of me is just so heartwarming. Thank you friends!!


Katie said...

I love that family photo! Welcome home Piper!!!
Hope you are doing well Erika,
I'll call ya' later.

Bracken said...

That is a fabulous family photo!!!

Viv said...

You look great for a Momma of 3! Love the full H Five Pic (well the "new" H Five pic since Jay is from a family of 5 himself. you know what I mean! Maybe I should say C/H 5!

Amy Anderson said...

That picture brought tears to my eyes. You have a beautiful family!

Heather said...

I agree, that photo made me cry, its just so sweet! I am so thrilled for you guys!

Erin said...

awww!!! Yay for the shirts!!! And wow, that WAS the fastest discharge ever! I feel like both times, I was stuck pacing my hospital room for hours waiting for a wheelchair. Bleh.

Glad you are home and settling in. Can't wait for the birth story and more pics!

Viv said...

I have to tell you that with Makenzie I was waiting and waiting to be let go - and we didn't get home until after 3! But with Victoria I was packed and ready to go by 7 and when I saw the morning nurse I told her I was ready (I was really easy on the nurses while I was there since I had just been there 18 months earlier and knew the drills!) so we were in the car by 9 - It was great to get home!