Friday, July 25, 2008

Goodbye Maternity Clothes

On Tuesday, my goal for the day was to get sorted through all my clothes since all my non-maternity clothes in my drawers were from the winter and I had been wearing essentially the same few pieces of clothes over and over again since I came home from the hospital - a pair of early maternity shorts and whatever t-shirt was on top of the t-shirt pile in my closet.

So, without regard for any kind of doctor's orders, I made my way down to the basement and hauled up this huge bin of all my spring/summer clothes. But that meant I needed to put away all my fall/winter clothes and my maternity clothes.

Now, I'm not sad to put away some of my maternity clothes because I really was tired of wearing a few of them, but there were a few items that as I was folding them and putting them in the bin made me a little misty - like my pink and black dress that my mom gave me for Valentine's Day and the dress I wore to my brother's wedding back in May. Not just because I really liked them (and they'd look ridiculous non-pregnant) but because of the sentimental value of them being tied to Piper's pregnancy. As I put each piece away, I remembered which pregnancy it was from and kindly remembered those different phases of my life. And as I put each piece away I realized that there is a very very good chance that I'll never wear any of those clothes again, whereas the last two times I've put them away I was fairly certain I'd be wearing them all again (well, after Bryce, I thought maybe....).

It's amazing how many clothes you accumlate over the course of 3 pregnancies. With Caroline I left my job as a live on campus resident hall director when I was about 5 months pregnant so I really didn't have to many maternity work clothes and I was due in early December. With Bryce, I worked the entire pregnancy and I was due in late August/early September, so I ended up needing a lot more clothes. This pregnancy had pretty similar timing to Bryce's so I was grateful for that, and most of the additional clothes I purchased/received were to supplement what I already had. I must have pulled it off well this time because even the (young!) student workers/graduate assistants in my office told me that they'd never seen such cute maternity clothes. I think I just had a better variety this time and didn't have to wear the same 5 outfits over and over.

So the bin of clothes is still sitting up in my room waiting to make its way back down in the basement. I've been blessed by the fact that I'm able to wear most of my regular clothes already although I'm always struck by how short regular shirts seem after wearing the long maternity shirts for 7 months. Plus, because I'm nursing a newborn, my shirts are a bit tighter in the chest for some reason....I wonder why? Piper seems pleased by that fact though.

The other thing I kept wondering as I was putting those clothes away was who would wear them next since I have a sister and 2 sister in laws who may all have children someday and might be in need. Of course, some of the clothes have been washed quite a few times and might not be as pristine as they once were either. But at least they'll have a few items to start their wardrobe with because when I got pregnant with Caroline, I was starting from square one. So someone might hit the jackpot with my maternity collection circa 2003-2008.

Anyone else get a little sad putting away your maternity clothes?


Viv said...

I was very sad to sell/give away my maternity clothes this past spring! After having Tori I knew I was done, but then really done in October when I had my tubes tied. So I had no reason to hold onto the clothes. And seeing that I live in a townhouse with Jay and 2 toddlers (and a dog) I decided I needed the space in the attic for other things (say Christmas gifts that I buy all year to make the money stretch!) So my 2 bins of clothes are almost gone - I only have a few fall/ winter things left that I've just offered to my neighbor who is my size and due this winter. I wish I could have found a way to make some of those peoces move into a normal wardrobe but even though I tried, no such luck. Oh well, I guess I should be glad that we now have such fashionable maternity clothes to wear (when my friend Tricia was pregnant 12 years ago OMG it was UGLY!)

Amanda said...

I have my maternity clothes hanging in my closet. Hoping one day that I will be pregnant again. I loved wearing them and seeing my big belly. I am not ready by any means to sell them in cas i change my mind.

Erin said...

I feel the same way about my clothes... at the end of both pregnancies I have been ready to see them disappear for awhile, but I have known I would get them back out again someday. And when I got them down at the beginning of my pregnancy with Simon, it was like welcoming back old friends, as silly as that sounds... ;) I too, have amassed a huge collection, since I seemed to need more summer stuff with Simon, so now I have a pretty well rounded collection for the entire year. Baby Three can be due whenever! ;)

I will definitely feel a little sad when I know I am putting them away for good....

Erika said...

Yeah, it's probably only natural to have an attachment to them since you wear them during one of the most special times (and short!) times of your life. It will be bittersweet to see someone else wearing them although easier than just getting rid of them or selling them.

jen said...

I didn't really have many maternity clothes - 4 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of shorts (even though I had 2 october babies and could have used more shorts!) I just wore whatever shirt fit me that day. Can you tell I didn't really work? With my first I wore my regular clothes until almost 7 months! So that plus my workplace was casual, I never had to buy work clothes. The jeans and shorts are really too threadbare at this point to give away, so they are going to sit in the bottom shelf of my closet for posterity.