Thursday, July 10, 2008

ExpectNet - Guess the Baby!

Since so many of you are intersted in making guesses, here you go (click on the icon below to guess):

Guess away!! Too bad there's not a place you can guess the name - I'd be interested in that.


Viv said...

you know my guess for names! Can't wait to hear though - I love baby names!

Anonymous said...

My name guess is:

Heather Erika
(because you love me and your name is pretty too!)

Christine said...

It's killing the people I work with that we won't announce our name either. Every day, I get a couple of names thrown at me to see if I react. I think I'd about fall over if anyone actually guessed it!

Erika said...

Christine, I would be COMPLETELY shocked if someone guessed your baby name! I'd accuse them of mind reading or spying if they did!