Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dirt Ball No More

Well, not exactly a dirt ball, but her hair was looking a little greasy. Probably from the grubby hands of older siblings always patting it. But Miss Piper did have her first bath last night. Her cord fell off on Thursday night and I hadn't planned on giving her one right away, but Caroline was just obsessed with it happening last night. So much so that she went in and woke Piper up while she was sleeping in her swing. Poor baby! But I'm sure she'll get used to all the meddling on her behalf by her older siblings.

We got the little tub set up on the vanity in the kids' bathroom and the kids were ready to watch and eager to help. But I'm sure you all know that bathing a very slippery little baby isn't exactly something you do slowly or with little helpers, so they just watched, asked a lot of questions, and tried to stay out of the way. You can see from this scene that they had a front row seat.

At first, Piper didn't seem to mind and maybe even liked the nice warm water, but as soon as I washed her hair, she got MAD. So I hurried up and Jason came to rescue with her towel and took her into get dressed. True to form, as he was getting ready to put her diaper on, she peed. Jason changes her much less than I do and he has been peed on 3 times - I've only gotten it once. Clearly, she holds out for daddy.

When all was said and done and her diaper and PJs were on, she calmed down and let me take a picture of her big sister and brother holding her. A first of many photos where I know at least one of them will be looking goofy. Piper wins the award for this one. But we'll forgive her. I'm just happy to see such genuine smiles on both Caroline and Bryce's face. It won't be long before I'm logging that we've seen Piper's first smile. Now that is something to blog about!


Viv said...

C & B looked so thrilled! I hope it stays that way! :)

Bracken said...

Great picture of the kids together. A very memorable first bath.

Heather said...

So sweet!

Anonymous said...

I love the goofball photo!

Amanda said...

You have 3 little cuties there. I loved bath time when they were babies.

I am hoping for a third soon. So you can tell me what it's like.

Don't worry about anything just enjoy this while you can. They grow so fast.

Let me know if you need anything.