Monday, July 14, 2008

Bastille Day Baby

Well folks, by the time that Blogger posts this (thanks to the handy future posting option), I will be at the hospital and probably hooked up to my pitocin drip - or about to be. I've known for about a week that this was our big day, but wanted to keep it fun for all my friends in blogland.

So, it's a Bastille Day baby for us! I have no idea how long it will take given that with Caroline I was hooked up by 7am and didn't deliver until almost 10pm - of course that includes 2 hours of pushing AND it was my first baby. With Bryce, I think they got me hooked up a little after 8am and he was born closer to 6:30pm. So I'm hoping that she'll be here before 8pm. Not trying to be too wishful on her coming early since that will just bum me out.

The kids are having a jolly time on Monday with my mom likely including swimming and the usual Bertie fun time and then Nana and Big Dad are taking over for the night - which I think, in some ways, the kids are almost looking forward too more than meeting their sister. You know, good toys, cats, and all. Since I'm doubtful that baby sister will make her appearance much before early evening, I've already decided that the kids will get to meet her on Tuesday. I wanted a more quality, enjoyable visit where I've had a little time to recover rather than rushing it like I did with Bryce. Of course, Caroline wasn't even 2 yet, so it's not like she even cared that much at the time. This time will be very different.

I just know that I'm going to miss the both of them so much and will be aching to see them on Tuesday.

So keep checking in today - like I said, no direct internet access, but mobile blogging works well to convey info.

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Viv said...

It's BABY TIME! WOO HOO! I had a feeling today was your day since you guessed it on the baby game! Can't wait for an update!