Sunday, July 13, 2008

39 Weeks - WOOT!

Well, it seems all of a sudden my belly weighs about 5000 pounds, is sitting RIGHT on my legs when I sit down and I cannot get comfortable in any position. I slept okay but then we had invaders (Caroline and Bryce) at 5:40am which totally interupted any quality sleep I was getting and while I dozed back off, it was very uncomfortable and I woke up a little later with a back and hip ache.

I was reading one of the pregnancy websites yesterday about being 39 weeks pregnant and it said that it was unusual NOT to be completely uncomfortable at this point. Yeah, especially considering that it seems so many women don't even make it to 39 weeks.

We're headed over to my mom's in a little while for some swimming which to me sounds like absolute heaven right now because I'll do anything to take this weight off for a bit.

ETA: Here's my 39 week belly shot!


Bracken said...

You are almost there!!! Enjoy the pool...what a wonderful way to take the weight off for a little while. A lady at my work who just had her baby on the 4th use to go to the school's pool everyday at lunch because she said it released the pressure and felt so good.

Bracken said...

The picture wasn't there the first time I posted Great photo and Bryce is just a cutie!! I am hoping for a baby post tomorrow!!

Viv said...

Too cute with B this time! I too was checking in for a "I'm going to the hospital to have the baby" post! :)

Erin said...

Aww... you look adorable! I'm very jealous that you don't seem to put on weight anywhere but your belly. :P

When is your induction?