Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2 Week Checkup

Piper had her 2 week checkup yesterday with Dr. Q. I knew that she had gained weight in the 2 weeks since birth since she eats so well and is clearly filling out. But I was a little surprised to see that the scale read 9lbs 3oz!! Holy cow! She gained all of her birth weight back and then over a pound beyond that! She's now at the weight that her siblings were at birth. Although she hasn't gotten any longer, but 2 weeks is pretty short to expect much growth.

So Dr. Q commented on how beautiful she is and how well she's doing too. He always applauds the breastfeeding effort I do since I don't think he sees a lot of moms who breastfeed their kids. And thanks to that breastfeeding, I really don't see him too often since the kids stay healthy except for some random viral things from time to time that don't require a doctor's visit. Of course, I'm probably jinxing myself by saying that, especially with Caroline starting preschool in a few weeks with a bunch more kids. And we all know, whatever one kid brings home gets shared.

But, all is well at this point and we'll go back to see him at the 2 month mark and she'll have her first round of shots. We also have to go and do the PKU retesting too - I'm sure Piper will LOVE the good old heal prick again. Poor babe.

We also received Piper's SS# yesterday so I'm sure her record of live birth/birth certificate request form is on it's way too. I guess that mean's she's official, right? Oh and birth announcements arrived too! I'm on a roll!


Erin said...

Oh, let me tell you, I am definitely going to be making an effort to breastfeed for a considerable length of time with #3... I honestly don't know if it will make any difference in what he/she will or will not pick up from his/her brothers... but if I can lessen it at ALL, it would be worth it. The last two weeks at our house have just SUCKED.

GLad to hear Piper is so healthy and growing! And your doc is right! She IS beautiful! :)

Erika said...

Erin: Anything you do counts! It's the only thing I can attribute my children's overall wellness to b/c I don't do any of that anti-bacterial/antiseptic stuff and while we encourage handwashing, it doesn't always happen. I'm not one of those breastfeeding or nothing people, everyone has to do what is right for them. I hope that whatever you want to do with #3 works out.

Dawn said...

YAY Piper on growing so well! That is a pretty big jump for a little thing! She's just adorable. And I'm glad the BF is going well. Despite our recent track record, I too think the BF really does help. Especially when you have three of them to pass things around...and preschool can definitely add to the fun. Go momma! :-)

Heather said...

Great job Erika! WOW! Over 9lbs is amazing! She's a cutie!