Thursday, June 26, 2008

What will the day bring?

Daycare is closed this week and Thursdays are the day we don't have any wonderful grandparents that can assist us with childcare, so I took off today. Normally, this isn't a big deal, but at over 36 weeks pregnant, it kind of is. And the fact that when Jason was off with them on Tuesday, they were a bit difficult. Of course, they were little angels for my mom on Monday and Wednesday - I don't know if kids can be that good 2 days in a row. So please think of me today and hope that these two don't go nuts on me. I have a few things we're going to go out and do this morning and hope that I don't wear myself out in the process. As long as they take naps though, I'll get the splash pool out later. That always occupies them for a while.


Viv said...

Yeah for the pool! It's supposed to be like 92 today so stick them outside for as long as possible and they will wear out. You relax in the shade with a glass of lemoade and try to stay sane!

BJ said...

Good luck! The pool sounds like a great babysitter.

Amanda said...

Being pregnant in the summer is not fun!!!
I love having a pool in the back yard so they can splash around in. It's a big hit!!!!

Can't wait to see pictures of the new baby!!!

Katie said...

Hey I was at your office today. (Fri) Well, I was taking L's cousin out to lunch and I picked her up from Batemans. I so badly wanted to pop in, but I didn't have enough time.