Saturday, June 21, 2008

We're Means You're

This is one of those things that I wanted to make sure I wrote down before I forgot about it.

Bryce's speech, while it's not bad, is no where near as clear and concise as Caroline's was at almost 3. We can understand him well and he has a decent vocabularly but he does have some issues with confusing sounds. A lot of them we KNOW he can say but he just continues to make the wrong sound with certain words.

The most apparent one to me is Bryce's use of the word "you're." Instead of saying "You're funny, mommy!" He says, "We're funny, mommy!" At first we didn't understand this and now we're pretty used to it. When he says it, we always restate it using the correct pronunciation of the word, but I can't help thinking it's kind of cute. But it also gets confusing because sometimes he's actually saying "we're."

But it's just funny to me that he can actually say "you're" but always says "we're." Jason and I now use the term in our own conversations between one another jokingly. Sometimes I think we speak a different language between the 2 of us thanks to the things our kids come up with.

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Bracken said...

Sydney says "I'm juicy" instead of "I'm thirsty" all the time and it kills me to correct her because it actually is so cute.