Friday, June 06, 2008

Waiting for the Steamy Weekend

So the weather forecast is telling us it's going to be STEAMY this weekend. Mmm! Love it! Probably because we have plans that involve a pool tomorrow and likely again on Sunday - at least for the kids. Hooray, it's summer!!

I'm glad the predicted 95 degree heat we're supposed to get tomorrow didn't come last weekend. That would have been miserable, but thankfully Kevin and Kelly picked the right weekend for their wedding.

So tomorrow, I plan to either be in a pool or in the A/C and I don't think I'll get too many arguments. I know the kids are looking forward to swimming in a non-frigid pool. It's amazing how summer kind of hits once June comes around. I just love it. And no, I'm not afraid to be pregnant and it be hot. I did this for the entire summer with Bryce so only making it to mid-July is NOTHING. No sweat. Well, I will sweat, but you know what I mean. So bring on the heat!


Katie said...

Summer pregnancies are really not as bad as everyone makes them out to be.... here's why...flip flops, stretchy shorts, tank tops, sundresses, ice cream, sno-cones and AIR CONDITIONING!!! And, when baby gets older, she can have a birthday POOL party!!!

Erin said...

I have had two spring babies and honestly, I think I would have rather been pregnant all summer than deal with a newborn in the heat and sun and having to worry about all that! At least if you're pregnant you can go about life as usual and only worry about just wearing comfy clothes and seeking out pools and a/c!

Erika said...

Summer maternity clothes are waaaaaaaaaaaay more comfortable. I wear dresses all the time and everyone tells me how nice I look - little do they know it's more comfy to wear a dress than pants and such. Plus, never having to consider hosiery in the summer and sandals are the best. And everyone feels bad for you so no one asks you to do any kind of hard work outside in the summer. ;)